Learning of Year 2014!!


With the new year commencing, I was contemplating on 2014 gone by. It has been an year full of big twists and turnings in life which made it full of learnings. It is the probably the most important and most happening year of my life so far.

– Last year I completed my first full marathon in January and hence achieved a milestone of running 42 km which I dreamt of since 2008 when I ran my first half marathon.
– I got rid of the cancer which was detected in February accidentally and which could have proved fatal in the upcoming years.
– I was blessed with another life in March post the major surgery. I got so much care and love from my family and friends. I feel so fortunate to have so many loved ones around me.
– Sitting at home for more than 2 months gave me enough time to spend with myself and think about what I have done so far in life and what do I need to do in future which I would not have got otherwise; imagine a more than 2 months break at home 🙂
– Going leave without pay from work allowed me to learn to manage effectively my spending’s with limited funds; another learning 🙂
– I started a blog; this forum gave me an opportunity to express myself and share my experience. I interacted with so many amazing people like you through this medium; learnt from all of you and probably made some slight difference in people’s lives as well.
– I was really happy to know that the blog has now being viewed and connected people from more than 25 countries
– I was invited by a Cancer Hospital and got an amazing surprise when I got to meet Harbhajan Singh from the Indian Cricket team. This event opened up an entire new world of avenues of meeting some heroes who have been touched by cancer; shared experiences, heard their stories and learnt from them.
– On my birthday in October, I got to connect with CanSupport which is doing some great work in supporting the fight against cancer.
– Yoddhas is another such forum which I recently got associated with. It is a great opportunity to support for a cause and I am happy to be part of the cause through my efforts.
– I accomplished my goal of going back to completing the half marathon in Nov after eight months of the lifesaving surgery and ran the full marathon in Jan 2015 in Mumbai where I left last year.
– My first set of scans in December showed positive results though the journey is long I am hopeful my future scans will also show positive results.
This year was an immense blessing of God and it went well!! Thank you for all the blessings and love.

Eat Healthy, Be Fit and Stay Blessed


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