My Journey From Cancer to Full Marathon!!


It really feels great to be back on the running track!! I had never imagined that a month after running full marathon in Mumbai in Jan 2014 I would be detected with cancer in Feb 2014. It’s been nine months. The journey from then to now has been a memorable one and full of learning; learning from my own experiences and from others as well. The 70 days that I spent at home gave me enough time to think about my strengths and weaknesses and work on them. I would continue to share those experiences and learnings in my future blogs.

I still remember March 5, 2014 the day I was operated in which I lost one of my kidneys; for one month I was too weak to stand up on my feet for even ten minutes. Honestly speaking I was really worried if I would ever to be able to hit the running track again and enjoy my seven years old passion of running marathons. After two and a half months, when I joined office I was dependent on people for many things; to start with, on my driver to bring me to office or help even pick my laptop bag. I am so thankful for his support.

As time moved, I started planning how I would become independent soon and start doing my own stuff. Slowly by the fourth month, my driver would sit beside me and I started to drive back from office on my own. This was followed by small walks for 5 – 10 minutes in the evening. This routine continued daily and by fifth month I started to jog and then running in sixth. There were few weeks when I would feel very low in stamina or pain at the surgery site and had to take care of the body, stop running for few days and start all over again. But my mind was very clear on what I wanted to achieve. Next three months were critical for preparation, and the marathon was approaching, there were several low days, but I stuck to the routine and finally the day came, Nov 23 2014, when the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon was scheduled.

I was nervous as my practice was limited but was confident to complete it within 3 hours. My initial target was to complete it in 2 hrs 45 min (my previous best was within 2 hrs) and kept on revising the target on my way and finally finished the same in around 2 hrs 30 min.

It was really an emotional moment as I had worked so hard to achieve my goal to pursue my passion.

I continued with my running and reached Mumbai again in Jan 2015 to run another full marathon and as expected I was very nervous again but I didn’t want to give up and finally not only ran but even completed the full marathon.

It was another emotional moment since running 42 Km takes a lot of toll from you but I did not want to give up. It was harder than my previous years of practice but the achievement is so thrilling and fulfilling!

Needless to say, it is my strong belief that willpower and focus towards achieving your goal are really important no matter how many hurdles you get so NEVER NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!!


12 thoughts on “My Journey From Cancer to Full Marathon!!

    You dint only finished this marathon, but you have won over every fear and thought that would pull you away from your goal!
    You are a FIGHTER! Keep this spirit high always and no one can beat you. 🙂 Stay Blessed.

  2. This gives me immense pleasure to say that I know someone like Siddharth.
    I remember the day he came back to office after his surgery. Even I couldn’t believe what people told me.
    But as always he greeted me with the same attitude and smile.
    I asked him about his health and his reply was very normal.
    If it would have been some other guy I might have thought of giving him sympathy. But in this case I knew he won’t need it. Because I could feel from his words and his intentions that he was on a way to set an example .

    And he did it.

    Proud of you brother!!

  3. Awesome Champ ! People like you determine to tell loudly to remove this social stigma & inspiration to all of us.We wish you all best & pray for wonderful,Joyful & Healthy life ahead & to achieve all your dreams with passion.Big Salute to you.Cheers!

  4. Sid truly inspriing, why not share your story with Dabur Vatika they are doing a campaign on success stories that have fought cancer and returned to what they enjoyed doing the most. you can be an inspiration for many in India who give up due to many other difficulities.

  5. Your fighting spirit is truly inspirational and i m glad to have met you and heard your story …it truly sets a positive example for people not only suffering from cancer but also in general. you must keep up the Fighter alive in you!! All the best for your future!

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