Humanity at it’s best!!

Kidney Donor : Laurie Sobocinski
Honored by: Ryan Campbell
Relationship: She was a stranger who gave me a kidney
Date of Transplant: 4/7/10

“On the day a different donor was rejected, Laurie saw a story on the news about a Starbucks barista that donated a kidney to a customer. She said a prayer out loud that she could do that if she knew someone who needed one. The next day she found out that I needed one and decided she was going to give it to me. I try to live my life more like her every day, because the world needs more people like her. She tutors World vision kids, she fosters kids who need a stable home, she helped start a free health clinic near her home. She is wonderful and I owe everything to her.” – Ryan Campbell.

I wish someday this becomes a reality in the world rather than organ scams. Gifting someone a life is the greatest gift one can ever give..




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