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Hey Friends,

My name is Sidharth and I am young boy in thirties :). An IT professional, sportsman, biker and a marathon runner for the last 9 years.

To my surprise and my family and friends shock I was detected with a rare type of cancer in the right kidney one month after I ran full marathon in Mumbai in Jan 2014 and a week later after I played the first cricket match of the internal cricket tournament of my organization at the end of Feb 2014.

On Feb 27 I passed blood in urine which was an alarming situation for me (in medical terms it is called gross hematuria). The initial blood, urine and ultra sound tests conducted by doctors showed everything normal hence no one was sure as to why I was passing blood in the urine; in fact it was only blood and no urine which I was passing. The other thing was worrying the doctors was that I had absolute no pain any where. Once the CT scan was done the radiologist confirmed a large growth inside the kidney which is usually cancerous in nature and called Renal Cell Carcinoma in medical terms. The growth was of the size of a golf ball residing inside my right kidney covering more than half of it.

It was really a tough time for my family since all the doctors were suggesting a major surgery with a possibility of me loosing the right kidney; however the final call of removing the kidney would be taken only on the OT table once the doctors opened me up :). The biggest worry for me was the fear that I saw in my parents and my friends eyes of loosing me. At the end it became a motivating factor for me since I had to stand in front of them and give them an assurance that it was not a dead end and I will be fit and fine soon. After lots of preliminary tests conducted by various doctors; I was finally declared fit for the surgery.

Finally the day came when the surgery was performed and as expected the right kidney could not be saved by the surgeons and the kidney along with the ureter, lymph node, 3 arteries, 4 veins and some peripheral tissue also had to be removed. I had excessive bleeding during the surgery and had to be given with more than 2 bottles of blood. Obviously this increased the heart beat of my parents and all my well wishers waiting outside desperately to hear the news that all is well. Eventually I came out with a successful surgery.

I still have a long road ahead since there are tests to be conducted and I need to be monitored for the next 5 years closely to ensure that the cancer has not spread to other parts of my body (in medical terms called metastasis). This requires CT scans of Chest, Bone and Liver which needs to be done on a frequency of 3 months for the next 5 years. A negative result may change the course of the treatment further but I am hopeful that everything will be fine.

It was even after one month of surgery that I was so less in energy that I needed rest even after climbing down 2 stairs. I really had to push myself hard even to stand on my feet for 10 minutes. That time I realized that this was taking away my mental as well as physical strength and it was time that I need to back myself and slowly start walking and regain the confidence. I was terrified with the fact that 2 months ago I was running full marathon and today its difficult to even stand for 10 minutes. I finally held myself together and now after another 3 weeks I am able to stand and walk although getting the same stamina will take its own time but the key is not to give up at any stage.

I went back to running and completed the half marathon in Nov 2014; 8 months after the surgery and then went to Mumbai to complete another full marathon in Jan 2015. The next landmark was when I hit the cricket pitch at the end of January (333 days after the surgery) to play my first corporate tournament post the surgery. I cannot forget the welcome my team gave me when I joined them and needless to say I did not disappoint my team and scored runs when my team needed the most. The feeling was so good that its really difficult to put them in words.

The purpose of sharing this story is that I found lots of cancer patients in the hospital who require help in terms of counseling. Such a disease takes a lot from you not only physically and mentally but emotionally as well. The word cancer itself is so scary that people tend to loose the battle even before it starts. I really consider myself lucky that first God gave me a warning since the bleeding happened only for 2 days and then stopped itself and secondly I had a very supportive family and friends. Needless to say my willpower when added to all this lets me become a strong person but not everybody is as lucky as me. I would like to contribute as much as I can and may be able to change someone’s attitude towards life.

I am planning to start counseling sessions both online and in hospitals and motivate them; I strongly believe If I can do it why cant they!! Please feel free to call me or blog me and I promise I will try and help anybody and everybody I can to help fight it!!

Sidharth Ghosh
Cancer Survivor


15 thoughts on “My Story

  1. Sidharth, I have always known you to be an optimistic person, who lived life to the fullest but now, my respect and regard for you has increased manifold. The way you have overcome the cancer, by sheer will and optimism, is both inspiring and humbling at the same time. Whenever I look at you now, smiling, chit chatting and going about life with as much enthusiasm, I am filled with gratitude and thank God for the blessings he has showered on each one of us. You truly are an inspiration, not only for people who are struggling with cancer but for all of us, who tend to take life and health for granted.

    I wish you the very best and an extremely fulfilling life ahead.

  2. Hey Sid,
    First of all congratulations on winning this battle, not sure if its a blessing in disguise that you have been given an opportunity to fight this battle, but I am sure you are picked-up considering that you can show a ray or hope for other fighters or who are ready to surrender before even starting to fight. Not only this, but for those also who
    are just watching you fighting and may be replicating your attitude to pitty or big incidences in their lives which is not less than a cancer to break them down. And thanks that you have documented the Leason’s Learned and helping other’s to win as well. You are creating one of the rare examples who are proving a win of Mind over Matter.
    I absolutely admire your Rock-Solid attitude and willingness to enjoy this beautiful gift from God called life, keep it up…
    God Bless and best wishes!!! for your mission for life…

  3. Lovely thought Sid! many people just do not see the obvious life in front and I’m sure your blog and counselling can help numerous such people. Keep the spirit high and be well always.. and of course there are some marathons in Bangalore as well.. I’ve never run in a marathon, come over, for sure I’ll run with you.. Cheers!

  4. Have known Sidharth during my short stint as a student at FMS . Could not believe such a thing could happen to this oh sooo naughty but wonderful human being who was always so full of life and enthusiastic to do everything . Met him after a gap of 2 plus years and heard the entire story . He looked same , had the same spirit towards life and not once did he falter in his positivity towards things and life .Amazing truly amazing . I am soooooooo proud to know him and carry his spirit in my heart as he has fought such a dreadful disease with all the cheer . Love you Sid and keep inspiring us as always

  5. Truly inspiring . my mom lost her battle with pancreatic cancer. . she was so strong till the very end. Wish you the very best as you recover.

  6. Sidharth you are a lucky guy you were in the right hands who did the right diagnoses and at the right time.God bless you with a long and a very healthy life.Amin

  7. Dear Sidharth,

    You are a brave soldier and fought cancer very well. Heartiest congratulations from a cancer survivor (since Mar 1996, Multiple Myeloma- stage IIIA), had Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy and BMT. Age is on your side, now I am 76. Please listen to your body and be sincere to your medical reviews.

    I am delighted to learn about the positive frame of your mind and welcome your desire to join the “Fight Against Cancer”. Where are you located?

    You may feel free to contact me. On 26th Nov 2000 we have formed Cancer Care India the net work of Cancer Support Groups, 38 groups are spread over in 17 Indian states/UTs and one in Nepal. You may feel free to contact me.

    Wish you Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, good health and happiness.

    Parimal Ghosh

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  9. Ghoshi !!

    This is Dhruv Bhargava. I don’t know if you remember me from school – we were in section D together for many years 🙂

    I know we have not been in touch for decades now. I just saw this blog of yours. I salute you and your energy – well done, very inspirational !

    I remember all the great cricket you used to play. Keep up your energy. Cancer sucks – I’ve seen a fair share of it in my own family; we’ve overcome it too; and yes it has been hard.

    Please take care ! If you have a chance; reach out via Facebook (Sent you a friend request).

  10. Dear Siddhartha,
    It is so heartening to read your determination and will to overcome your circumstances. I work with patients and patient groups and help people learn about their health rights, have better communication and make choices. I run an Alliance called Indian alliance of Patient groups (IAPG) as well as am on the Board of IAPO ( and would love to connect with you

    • Hi Ratna, my blog has all my contact details, please feel to connect with me and it will be my pleasure if I could help you in this noble work

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